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Watch this special interview I recorded just for you where I go in depth on getting your products to sell in THOUSANDS of stores all over the USA

My name is Talor. I sell products to retailers since 2005 when I was living in China and producing for Walmart and Costco. I was a part of a group that sold millions of $ to retailers in the USA.

During the years I worked with various lines of products: outdoor, gear, electronics, garments, cosmetics and more, and sold to over 60 different retailers – Kate Spade, urban outfitter, Anthropologie, free people, William Sonoma, target, bass pro, REI, BCBG, Crate n Barel, TJmax, Ross stores and many more.

Since I ended my last line of products, I started teaching vendors, mainly those who sell on Amazon/eBay/Shopify, how to sell their products to the big boxes, the department stores.