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What is Sales Tube?

Retail Empire works with more than 250 different retailers across the USA

Creator of Retail Empire


Talor Ofer has been selling products to retailers since 2003


During the years he sold to over 200 different retailers across the USA


His company, Retail Empire, helped hundreds of online and Ecom sellers to expand their sales into physical stores


Today Retail Empire is one of the most known companies among online sellers for expanding sales into RETAIL

Creator of Retail Empire


Retail Empire opened the doors to hundreds of retailers such as: Macy’s, TJX, Tractor Supply, Bed Bath and Beyond, Academy Sports, Menards, Walmart, Costco, Nordstrom, and hundreds more.


Retail Empire is well known both in the amazon community and in the RETAIL industry


Retail Empire is a group of well-trained individuals that are 100% focused in the big boxes industry


With 20 years of experience, Retail Empire is your ambassador to RETAIL

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How do you sell my products to RETAILERS?

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We make sure your brand is presented too ALL
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An Online Seller Who Get Her Products Sold To Subscription Box

Frequently asked questions

We spoke with hundreds of online sellers, to make sure we address any question you might have.

Retail Empire is a sales agency. We take your brand, pitch it with a very easy few steps and then start selling it to all the retailers in the USA.

There are almost 30,000 retailers, from small ones of 30-40 stores up to retailers with more than 13000 stores. Overall, there are more than 1 million stores in the USA.

We have a well-trained team that works with retailers in the USA for the last 20 years. We deeply check your brand first, what category and sub categories it fits, what kind of price level, what are your abilities in terms of volume and so on. By that, we know which retailers to offer your products. 

When applying to retailers with your brand, it might take at least a few weeks until seeing results. We are applying via emails/sms and to buyers we personally know – by phone calls. On a daily base we send thousands of personal emails (NOT spamming and not with newsletter type of emails) to exact buyers in the retail space, and this process takes time. Once a buyer shows an interest, they ask for samples, so we need a few more days, and then we wait for their decision. 

Operating this massive sales tube costs us a lot of money and efforts. We have a team of dedicated and well-trained sales managers and we are using assets to run your campaigns, like software (cold emails), automation tools and dedicated professional inboxes (G-suit). These assets has a cost.

Our goal is to handle the orders together with you. When it comes to pricing and inventory – you know better than us what is available and for what prices, but when it comes to professional terms and a good business structure, we know exactly how to execute orders. Therefore, the best method as we know from experience is to work hand by hand with the vendor in front of the retailer.

Different retailers order different volume. Retailers with off price like TJX for example, will order first a test order of 300-600 units per SKU. Once it is selling well in the stores, they will revert with massive units orders, by thousands. 

Other retailers like Nordstrom for example, takes more “risk” and orders thousands right on the beginning, when they like the products. They know very well how to predict SKUs and sales.

you get a monthly report of who your brand was presented to.

Moreover, once any buyer shows an interest: asking for samples, asking for further info or anything like that, then you will be CC’d on the email and we work together to fulfill their requests.

Yes. RE charges between 5-10% commission. It depends on a few factor like: your landed cost, the volume, the handling involved, and therefore our goal is 10% but in some orders we see a smaller profit on the vendor side and therefore are willing to reduce the commission on our side, so all sides will be happy.

Your open accounts that were handled in the process are yours and any order from them will be received on your side. However, when pausing or stopping the subscription, we shall not continue to offer your brand to more retailers.

The fastest we have seen so far is 4 weeks while with other brands it took a year or so. When a retail like Costco is interested in your products, the process is slow but the volume is huge. They would not bring in small quantities of anything, only big volume. But when a retailer like Tractor Supply is interested, the process is usually quite fast, they set you up in their system within days and then you are ready to sell them.

We work with more than 200 retailers, while we have access to more than 5000.

Among the 200: Macys, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, TJX, Marshalls, Tractor Supply, CVS, Walmart, Costco, Bed Bath and Beyond, BassPro, London Drugs, Dick Sporting Goods, Academy sports, Bimart, Kmart, BestBuy, Home Depot, Family Dollar, Office Depot, Dollar General, 99 Only, Bealls of Florida, HEB, Burlington and so many more.

We will find the proper retailers that fits. We had a CBD brand coming aboard a few month ago and we found a completely huge market that we were not aware of.

You will get a link for onboarding, with instruction of what needs to be handled on your side. The link will include not only written info, but also very clear videos and even contact details to handle any issue you might have (for example, if you need a catalog – we are working for years with a good and cheap design company that knows perfectly how to create retail catalogs and for very low fee). 

Normally it takes a week or 2 to prepare everything, so next we shall take your ready material and start the most important part: sales. 

We believe that within the two first months you and us will already see results and know exactly what the potential is, by the responses we get from retailers. We give the process maximum a year, and if really nothing happens within the first year – it means there is simply no demand to your products. From experience, this hardly never happens. Most of the brand owners knows quite well if their brand has potential in the market or not – you see it by your sales and growth on Amz or other online channels.

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Yohi Moran Talks About Retail Empire

Sherry got orders within 4 weeks of process

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Here is what online vendors are saying about us:

Talor and his team are top notch. They have all the experience and connections to the decision makers in the retail industry. He leads you step by step to make sure the retail partnerships are a success.They placed us into important retail partnerships. I highly recommend working with Talor and his team.


Talor and his team are top notch. They have all the experience and connections to the decision makers in the retail industry


We started cooperating with Retail Empire last year, and since then we got our products sold to Nordstrom, ParkRose, FGT, AllTrue, and now heading to Costco stores!

Max Starn

Since we started cooperating with Retail Empire last year, we got our products sold to Nordstrom, ParkRose, FGT, AllTrue, and Costco!

Max Starn

We started 4 months ago with Retail Empire and already selling our products to TJmaxx and more than 20 specialty stores.

Daniel Schneider

Started 4 months ago with Retail Empire, we are now selling our products to TJmaxx and many specialty stores.

Daniel Schneider

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