Making millions of dollars selling at Retail Stores doesn’t have to be a dream. Make it your reality!

It's simple math!

Retail Empire is the fastest way to get your products to 1000’s of stores all over the USA - We can get you on the road to making $$$ now!

Talor Ofer | Creator of Retail Empire​

My name is Talor. I have been selling products to retailers since 2005. When I was living in China and producing for Walmart and Costco, I was a part of an active group that sold millions of $ worth of merchandise to retailers in the USA.

During the years, I worked with various product lines: Outdoor, Gear, Electronics, Apparel, Cosmetics, and more. We sold to over 60 retailers – Kate Spade, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, William Sonoma, Target, Bass Pro, REI, BCBG, Crate n Barel, T.J.Maxx, Ross and more.

I then started teaching vendors, mainly those who sell on Amazon/eBay and Shopify, how to sell their products to the big boxes, the department stores. I found myself doing many different categories: Beauty & Cosmetics, Toys, Hydration, Home Goods, Textiles, Shoes, Hardware, Tools, Furniture, Outdoor & Gear, Accessories, and Tech products. 

Who is Retail Empire is for?​

Every company or person who wants to sell to department stores can approach me and learn how to do this so that they can have their very own Retail Empire.

Who is this for? E-commerce, Amazon, eBay, and any online or another offline platform vendor. Everyone who wants to sell their products in significant figures.

Opportunity: Amazon is tiny compared to having this model​

What is the big opportunity here?

Well, just think about hundreds of retailers in the USA, and target your first 3-5 retailers out of at least 100 in your category. You will find during this process that there ARE 100 (if not more) because each retailer usually holds between 200 to 4000 stores across the country.

For example- You sell 3 SKUs to 3 retailers. That’s even less than the minimum you can expect.

And they sell it in 1000 stores. That would be 3000 units if they would sell all 3 SKUs every day, so let’s take a non-optimistic forecast, saying they would sell only 1 SKU every two days. That means 15 units per month in each store. Let’s take a very low estimate saying they would sell them in only half of the stores – like 500.

That means you are going to sell 7500 units a month, and that’s not even close to what they can sell!

I’ve done this time and time again​

Let’s talk about actual success stories. Back in 2016, I was leading a company named Triple C Designs selling in over 60 different department stores. While their revenue increased from $1M per annum up to $3M in 2017, check out their home page and scroll down to see a partial list of retailers they work with. Next, I was working with a company in NY called Denim Central.

They ended up selling at Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, T.J.Maxx, and Burlington. Since they did so well, they also recently signed with LALA Anthony to produce ALL her garment lines. That generated some out of the ballpark figures beyond seven figures, to be exact. I wish I were allowed to share the real number. While it’s confidential, you can imagine what numbers we are talking about here.

Another Flashlight/headlamp line of products started its process very recently and rushed towards seven figures and beyond.

They learned the process quite fast and sold to Costco, and they are heading to BestBuy & Dick’s Sporting goods as well!

How to reach out and sell to ALL department stores in the USA, without limits? I am going to teach you the process, and you can multiply it. Some of the brands I mentored are now copying and pasting the very same process for the European market. I am delighted to see them succeed in that market.

Module 1: Why go offline? Once you understand clearly the huge potential, you will have 100% energy and willingness to start over.

Module 2: Product focus + Categories + Research + Unboxing – These are the first steps knowing that eventually someone on the other side will see what you have, and we shall make sure you have it ready to be confirmed for ORDERS. We go deep into the nitty gritty details to make sure our offer is going to be ACCEPTED for sure!

Module 3: Competition + Pricing – this is an important part of the process. I will teach how you how to find your competition very fast, how to define their pricing, and most importantly how to price your products according to market trends.

Module 4: Suppliers and Quality – You want to have a strong back up for this process. I will teach you how in a very simple method how you can achieve better quality, better pricing and how to maintain stable relationships with your suppliers. Even in terms of a credit line. This part alone can save you a fortune on your buying side!

Module 5: Production & Logistics – Again, doing things correctly and with the proper links, you will pay less and get more. I am seeing daily, people who have a lack of information and therefore paying much more than they should. Over the years I have managed to save companies hundreds of thousands of $$ through this stage.

Module 6: Branding – One of the keys to success. There are a few principles in branding that makes your ‘story’ around the product a very interesting one. A story that can catch buyers eyes in seconds. This is crucial as we are all living in a very fast era when decisions are made very very fast, and mostly based on appearance. You can have the greatest product on earth, but if the branding isn’t overpowering, people wouldn’t notice it and you will miss opportunities.

Module 7: Packaging and Visibility – This whole session will  be focusing on how your products should be presented in department stores. There are few quick adjustments that can be done with ANY product, to make it speak for itself. While online you might be selling with a simple box or a polybag, whereas selling in department stores things are little different.

Module 8: Marketing and Sales + Briefs – How to create the exact text that would make the other side say: “Hey, I want to hear more”, or “WOW, I want to see a sample of this”. There are a few forms I have built during the years. I have tested all of them. Now I can confidently tell you what works the best 100%, leading you to the results you want: Selling your products to retailers.

Module 9: Finding key persons – Now that’s my favorite part! People frequently tend to think they need to go online and fill all those forms for new vendors for the desired retailer. That’s one of the biggest mistakes! There are other methods, much easier, and more efficient, to contact the right persons and get feedback before you even fill 1 out any paperwork. I shall also teach you to contact the right people before you fill out one piece of paperwork.

Module 10: Enlarging and Expanding – New retailers + TV / Funnels / Boxing / Big drop flash channel – Besides department stores, I strongly recommend approaching other channels. The ones I mentioned here are very good to approach, and we shall see in this session who they are, what your options are, how they operate, and again – how we get to sell to them.

Bonus #1: Actual real contacts list

In this stage, I am going to give you something that NO ONE ever gives away or shares.

I am going to equip you with actual real contacts that you can reach out to, to give you a robust first kick-off for your retail empire business!

I will share with you appropriate contacts relevant to your category from a list I have built myself over many years.

That is of unbeatable value. This information is worth 1000’s of dollars.

Bonus #2: Getting a proven winner form of an email/brief to present your products

Once you have the key-contact information, the next step would be sending them an email or message, presenting your products. The problem is that most vendors would send the wrong information, and 90% of these emails would be deleted before even being read. Buyers, CMOs, VPM – they all have strong instincts and quickly identify a non-professional application. 

That’s the reason this bonus is so awesome! I shall equip you with one of the best shortcuts: Detailed brief/email templates that you can use right away, by just filling in the blank spaces with your info and direct them to the proper key-person. 

With this email, you are you going to be taken seriously and get the right attention, leading you to a position where you can negotiate a great deal and get your first order placed!

Bonus #3: Expanding your Key contact list workshop

Join me for two live workshop sessions and see in LIVE how I build my key-contact list to thousands of contacts and key-persons that I can create deals with, negotiate and expand on with the distribution of my products.

We shall share screens, and you will get to see actual conversations, emails, back and forth negotiations, deal-wrapping, in-depth research, and validate new contacts and business offer from scratch!


The course provides a practical way to build a business with physical stores

He took our masterclass and started selling offline!


Most frequent questions and answers

A- Absolutely. There would be some work around it, and you will need to put some effort in and follow the sessions. There is a certain part that I explain and coach on regarding this question and how to solve it and sell to the big boxes.

Yes. A factor is a solution & we shall discuss this in our sessions.

A- All sessions are recorded so that you can review them anytime that suits you. So it depends how much time you dedicate to this process, but if you put proper efforts like a dedicated hour or 2 every day, then it is going to be very fast!

A- Yes definitely! You will need to make some adjustments but you should know- many foreign companies are ALREADY selling to retailers in the U.S.

A- All sessions are recorded in a way that you can review them anytime it’s comfortable for you. So it depends how much time you dedicate to this process, but if you give an hour or two a day to this then it will be very fast.

A-There are many other channels. What you learn here can be used for TV shows, Funnels, Flash deal sites, Big drop-ship companies, and even Media companies. During the coaching sessions, I also present a few of these channels.